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Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Solutions

From securing coverage at competitive rates to claims management, Makai HR offers a hassle-free, comprehensive workers’ compensation solution.
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Don't let claims get the best of you. Let us help.

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Clients that "Benefit"

"It's great to just pass it on to Makai HR and say, 'We need this done,' and they get it done. It's amazing."
Kosta Naum
President of KN Lawns
"No question Makai HR is definitely Hawaii's best value...we understand the value that Makai HR brings to us, which allows us to keep more of our team working in the field when the economy gets tight."
Headshot of Blair Suzuki, President and CEO of Koa Restoration & Maintenance
Blair Suzuki
President & CEO of Koa Restoration & Maintenance
"Locally owned, Makai HR knows our name and understands our needs."
Max Clini
President at Workstar

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