Why More Businesses are Using HR Analytics to Manage Their Workforce

HR analytics is becoming more popular. Employees are the biggest investment that a company makes and businesses want to increase their ROI.

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Businesses have increasingly been making use of data about their customers, operations and products to better understand and react to their customers’ needs in a timely manner. Data-driven analytics are now a common tool used by business owners for growing their business. Another type of analytics that is starting to catch in is HR analytics, also called people analytics or talent analytics. Employees are the biggest investment that a company makes and businesses are looking for ways to increase their return on investment.

What are HR analytics?

Business owners are recognizing that relying on gut instinct for hiring and promoting employees is not the best way to reach their business goals. HR analytics is a type of analytics used by managers and executives to help make decisions about individual employees and their workforce overall. Specifically, talent analytics uses large sets of talent data in conjunction with statistics, technology and the expertise of trained HR professionals to help businesses make better talent decisions and improve processes. Organizations that have the most success with people analytics are able to separate out the relevant data and determine how to use it to make effective decisions about their workforce.

According to a report by LinkedIn, 71% of companies see people analytics as a high priority but only 22% are currently using HR analytics. While the buy-in is still relatively low, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of using data as a predictive talent model to manage their workforce.

Benefits of HR Analytics

There are many benefits to HR analytics tools, including:

  • Helps businesses make more strategic talent decisions.
  • More efficiently and successfully find, recruit and hire the most qualified and passionate employees.
  • Identify characteristics of the highest performing employees.
  • Analyze employee engagement to improve retention.
  • Better tailor employee training programs to specific needs.
  • Identify the right career paths for employees.
  • More easily recognize the best candidates for leadership positions.
  • Quickly identify “pain points” or worker gaps in the organization in order to identify needed investments.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors by hiring, promoting and retaining the best employees.

Part of the reason that more companies are using analytics tools these days is because systems are more accessible than they used to be. Once a tool for large businesses only, small to medium sized businesses can now easily buy ready-made analytics tools and adopt integrated, cloud-based HR systems.

Partnering with Makai HR

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