What Employers Need to Know About Workplace Drug Testing in Hawaii

When we consider that more than 70% of the 14.8 millions Americans who abuse drugs are employed, we can assume that many U.S. companies...

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When we consider that ,more than 70% of the 14.8 millions Americans who abuse drugs are employed, we can assume that many U.S. companies have employees with substance abuse problems such as binge drinking, marijuana and cocaine use. Companies suffer in a long list of ways when they have employees with addition issues from low productivity, high turnover, tardiness, unexcused absences, violent outbursts, accidents, and higher worker’s compensation claims from industrial accidents. According to the ,, “drug abuse and addiction cost American companies $81 billion every year.”

Benefits of workplace drug testing in Hawaii

Workplace drug testing is the best way to weed out applicants with substance abuse problems so you don’t hire them in the first place. When employees develop addiction problems after being hired, employers sometimes have no choice but to require a drug test. Employers with drug testing programs may benefit from:

  • Higher productivity
  • Better employee morale
  • Lower turnover
  • Lower healthcare and worker’s compensation costs
  • Less absenteeism
  • Less theft
  • Ability to refer an employee to a rehabilitation program

Providing a safe workplace for all employees and drug testing within state and federal laws, is the best way to create a positive work environment while complying with regulations.

What employers need to know about workplace drug testing in Hawaii

What are the requirements of drug testing in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a “mandatory” state, which means any private employer who wants a non-regulated employee to take a drug and/or alcohol test must do so according to the state constitution, statutes, regulations, local ordinances, and court decisions that apply (the rules).

In Hawaii, the applicant/employee asked to take a drug test is assured of certain privacy standards in collection of the specimen and reliability of results. The drug testing company may not reveal the result to an employer before it is verified.

When is workplace drug testing conducted?

There are a variety of times and reasons that workplace drug testing may be conducted. Here are some examples:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Promotion, transfer or re-assignment
  • Follow-up testing
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Random
  • Periodic

Are there any State of Hawaii requirements for test methods?

Prior to collecting any sample from an applicant or employee through a substance test, a statement must be provided to them explaining what substances will be tested, and a statement that over-the-counter and prescribed medicines may cause a positive. The person also has the right to provide a list of prescription drugs that they take before the test is given.

What may Hawaii employer’s use for drug tests?

According the state Dept. of Health, in Hawaii employers may test urine, blood under limited circumstances, and oral fluid (since 2007).

You can learn more about Hawaii’s workplace drug testing laws ,here.

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