Top 7 Tips to Showcase Company Culture Through Social Media

Today more than ever, potential employees and customers want to learn about a company’s brand, core values and company culture before...

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Today more than ever, potential employees and customers want to learn about a company’s brand, core values and company culture before applying for a job or purchasing a product. People also expect to be able to engage with the business in a timely manner through social media. Bonus points if your audiences are entertained along the way. Apart from the official website, the most powerful way to show case company culture is through social media posts.

Top 7 tips to showcase company culture through social media

1.Choose one main company hashtag

Be sure to use this hashtag consistently on each post across all social media platforms.

2. Find your company voice

Is your company cheeky? Hip? Traditional? Educational? Find your company voice and use it to portray your message in each of your posts.

3. Identify your target audiences

Most companies have more than one target audience that they want to reach. The list may include groups like current employees, future employees, industrial clients, retail clients and investors. Look for ways to reach each of the relevant groups by targeting content to them and using appropriate hashtags.

4. Encourage engagement

Encourage engagement in your posts by asking questions, hosting contests or giveaways, asking customers to share pictures of themselves using your products, and sharing pictures of employees participating in community events, etc.

5. Share content in an engaging way

Creating useful, interesting and relevant content through regular blog posts is a great way to improve website traffic and leads. Each time a new blog post is written, it should be shared on social media accounts, along with relevant hashtags, a picture and a link to the post.

Pro Tip: to stand out, post a quote, question, fact or statistics from the blog post before the link – rather than just the title – to get readers excited about the content.

6. Use pictures

Every post should include a picture. Social Media Strategist Jeff Bullas found that Facebook posts with photos receive on average a 37% increase in engagement over posts without pictures. A picture is a powerful way to convey a message about your company culture.

Pro tip: Share some actual pictures of staff and the business. Good opportunities to take pictures are celebrating a team member’s birthday or at a company event, a sales meeting or team building experience. Companies can also stand out by creating and sharing graphics, art or in-house designs with company quotes, statistics or values.

7. Use video

According to SmallBizTrends, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Use video to make fun and informative videos about employees, the workplace environment, company goals, and upcoming projects. Any engaging video content is a win on social media!

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