Top 4 Job Skills Needed For the Future Economy

There has been a lot of discussion about how technology will change the workplace and the role of human workers in the coming years....

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There has been a lot of discussion about how technology will change the workplace and the role of human workers in the coming years. There is fear that hundreds of thousands of workers will no longer be needed as they are replaced by artificial intelligence. To keep a career going or start a new career, today’s workers must study and train for the job skills needed for a future economy. That will mean gaining more than one skill set relevant across multiple fields in the context of a global economy.

Students should look for programs that teach technology skills like physical prototyping and programming, entrepreneurship and design thinking with plenty of hands-on learning. Degrees in business, design, engineering, computer science and information science will all be sought after. Young workers with years ahead in their career who lack these skills may want to consider going back to school or risk workplace changes leaving them behind. There is still time to prepare for the future economy but at some point the change will come in like a tidal-wave.

Top 4 job skills needed for the future economy

1. Ability to handle quick innovation

Employers will demand that employees can succeed in a constantly changing, fast-paced environment. Tomorrow’s workers will need to be comfortable with change and understand how and why it happens. Knowledge about prototyping new products and creating mobile apps that will solve problems and make people’s lives easier paired with the ability to critique innovations and come up with solutions to make them better will be valuable skills.

2. Comfort and expertise with a global economy

The global economy isn’t going away and it will become even more important in the future economy. Workers will need to be comfortable working with people from many cultures as companies outsource for needed skills and handle the international exchange of goods and services. They will also need to know how to design apps and products for different cultures and countries. Knowledge about global growth strategies and how to source manufacturing materials in a global market will be sought-after skills.

3. Cross-section of skills

In the future, workers will need to have skill sets that cross over many fields that used to be seen as separate. Examples include supply chains and software, artificial intelligence and makerspaces, programming and privacy, and growing the business while making social impact. Managers will need to know how to put effective teams together with a variety of skills. Colleges and universities will need to create programs that overlap learning in areas that were once taught on their own. Business owners will need to re-train employees to expand their skills.

4. Design with humans in mind

While design skills will be in high-demand in the future economy, the most in demand workers will be those who can also empathize and sympathize with human needs in the design process. Designers must be able to really listen to clients and customers to identify the problem and understand why a solution is needed. Jobs that are “human-centered” will be safer in the long run as technology cannot so easily replace our ability to empathize.

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