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Best-in-class HR Support

As a business owner, we understand that you’re busy and wearing a hundred different hats. Calling and/or emailing your HR support team is not always easy or convenient. For that reason, we proudly offer phone, text, and email support. This way you can get in touch with us at your convenience. And if your employees have questions, send them our way. Our best-in-class support covers both you and your employees so you can focus on your business. 

Available for you, all day

12-hour direct line support for all of your needs.

Clients that "Benefit"

"It's great to just pass it on to Makai HR and say, 'We need this done,' and they get it done. It's amazing."
Kosta Naum
President of KN Lawns
"No question Makai HR is definitely Hawaii's best value...we understand the value that Makai HR brings to us, which allows us to keep more of our team working in the field when the economy gets tight."
Headshot of Blair Suzuki, President and CEO of Koa Restoration & Maintenance
Blair Suzuki
President & CEO of Koa Restoration & Maintenance
"Locally owned, Makai HR knows our name and understands our needs."
Max Clini
President at Workstar

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