Payroll Solution: How your Employees can Benefit from Visa Paycards

PEOs offer many solutions that improve your worker’s experiences from technology driven solutions to health benefits and more. When it...

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PEOs offer many solutions that improve your worker’s experiences from technology driven solutions to health benefits and more. When it comes down to it, though, most employees’ main priority is their paycheck. Your workers are depending on their paycheck to pay bills and live their lives. Years ago, paper checks were the norm and then came the benefits of direct deposit which is a great option for employees with checking accounts. With many people in Hawaii without checking accounts, however, direct deposit isn’t a solution for all of your employees. Workers paid with paper checks face many frustrations including check cashing fees – sometimes up to 8% of their check – long teller lines on a Friday afternoon, and driving across Honolulu in heavy traffic when they could be on their way home or grocery shopping for the weekend.

Payroll solution: Visa paycards

For employees without checking accounts, the solution is to sign up for our FREE paycard. Paycards give workers without the option to open a checking account the same benefits as those who have a bank account. Each employee’s paycard is automatically loaded with payroll every pay period, which means employees have easy, instant access to their pay.

Because the Visa paycard is not a credit card no credit check is necessary. It also means that employees will not be charged interest on purchases they make on their card. While employees cannot charge purchases to the card and then pay them off later, they do receive all the security protection and conveniences offered to credit card holders including a security PIN number.

When your employees choose to collect their paychecks with a Visa paycard, they will get their cards within five to seven business days. Employers pay no additional fee for this value-added option.

Benefits of Visa paycards:

  • Acts like a Visa Debit Card: use your paycard anywhere that accepts Visa
  • Get cashback without a penalty
  • Request checks based on paycard balance
  • Free cash withdrawals at any in-network ATM or Visa partner bank
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM with a small surcharge
  • Easily replace your lost/stolen paycard
  • Manage your account online or via the mobile app
  • Receive text alerts for fraud and low balance
  • Access to cashback rewards program and an optional savings account

Partnering with Makai HR

Not excited about employer laws? That’s okay; we’ve got you covered through HR outsourcing! When you partner with Makai HR you can get on with the business you are trying to grow while we take care of your employee needs from payroll to taxes, health insurance/benefits and worker’s compensation. You also gain peace of mind that you are in compliance with all of Hawaii’s employer laws (if you’ve ever looked you know that the list is very long). When choosing a PEO to partner with, there are many things to consider including cost, services and technology solutions.

With the cost of doing business in Hawaii at record highs, we know how important it is to keep labor costs in line with revenue. Our plans are priced competitively and include value-added services like time-in/time-out systems. Our three tiers of PEO service plans are tailored to the size of your business and specific needs. We offer a 100% paperless solution which means that your employees can manage their needs through a computer, tablet or phone. We can truly improve your employees work benefits while freeing you up to run your business.

What are you waiting for? Companies who partner with a PEO benefit from 7-9% faster growth, 10-14% lower employee turnover; and they are 50% less likely to go out of business. Contact us today to get started!

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