HR: How to Handle Holiday Season Workplace Issues

The holiday season lines up with end of the year, which means that many HR departments and business owners are busy with end-of-year HR...

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The holiday season lines up with end of the year, which means that many HR departments and business owners are busy with end-of-year HR checklists, last payroll, open enrollment, hiring seasonal workers and planning a holiday party. On top of this employees may be feeling pressure to wrap up projects before they take a few days off to spend time with loved ones for the holidays so burnout is at an annual high.

How to handle holiday season workplace issues

Holiday parties:

Employees appreciate being treated to a holiday party but events require careful planning to avoid blowing budgets and company liability. When companies serve alcohol at work parties, they may end of liable for injuries that arise from drinking and driving accidents and even sexual assault and harassment.

If there will be alcohol at your party the best way to keep the budget in line and reduce company liability is to limit alcohol by providing tokens for two drinks and providing a safe ride home. You can do this by allowing employees to expense or provide credits for taxi or Uber rides. Also, be sure to provide filling food so people aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.

You may also want to consider a creative holiday party that doesn’t include alcohol. A holiday lunch or day-time activity may be the perfect choice.

Employee burnout:

The holiday season amplifies work-life balance issues for employees as they try to juggle wrapping up projects and a busy sales season with kids’ concerts, family visits and travel plans. Business owners and HR managers can help to ease employee burnout by offering flexible hours and telecommuting during the holiday season. Managers can also avoid assigning tasks that can wait until January to be accomplished. Feeling appreciated can decrease feelings of burnout and disengagement; business owners should take the time to thank each employee for the contribution they have made to the business over the last year.

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