How to Preserve Company Culture with a Remote Workforce and Social Distancing Measures

Company culture are the values and behaviors that make up the unique social and psychological environment of a business. Company culture...

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Company culture are the values and behaviors that make up the unique social and psychological environment of a business. Company culture is important because it affects employee’s daily work experience and their workplace happiness. Employees tend to be happier when they “fit in” with the company culture and when their needs and values match the values of their workplace. Knowing its importance, business owners may be wondering how to preserve their company culture during COVID-19 with remote workers or with new social distancing requirements such as separated desks.

How to preserve company culture with a remote workforce and social distancing measures

Continue communicating in familiar ways

If part of your company culture is a certain workplace sense of humor or mentoring young employees then make sure to keep it going remotely. Mentoring sessions can be conducted via video conferencing technology and company-wide communication can incorporate “inside jokes” that will re-enforce the culture and camaraderie. Other ideas include having everyone (who wants to) share cute kid or pet pictures to continue a sense of community while workers are at home.

Create virtual team building opportunities

Help your workers stay connected by hosting events that boost morale and maintain relationships. Some ideas include a virtual water cooler session, coffee talk or a workout session first thing every morning, weekly family events with storytime and/or games, and Friday afternoon happy hour to decompress at the end of a long week. If you are dealing with employees in different time zones, be sure to find times that work best for everyone or offer team building activities at two different times.

Create themes or inspire conversation

Keep your employees engaged and interested in team meetings by making them fun. Set a theme such as silly hat day or “snap-chat filter day” or provide an opportunity for everyone to share something like their favorite flavor of ice cream.

Create buy-in from all levels

It’s a good idea for HR to let employees know that they care about maintaining the company culture. The next step is to reach out to employees and managers at all levels of the organization to ask for input about their favorite things about the company culture and any ideas to maintain it with a remote or partly remote workforce.

Apart from preserving company culture, employers should show that they care about their workers by clearing up any uncertainty over fears of layoffs or budget cuts, providing resources for mental health care and ideas to stay active. Set a weekly or bi-weekly communication schedule and be sure to include something to make employees smile in a way that fits the company culture. In addition, employees should know that managers are available to address any specific concerns and to meet their needs so they can continue doing their best work. Reach out to employees to ask how they’re doing.

How partnering with a PEO can help reduce issues with Coronavirus in the workplace

A PEO provides small businesses with many advantages that they might not otherwise be able to afford. These advantages have become even more important during this international health crisis.

When small business owners’ partner with Makai HR they:

  • Gain peace of mind that they are complying with all of Hawaii’s labor laws, which is especially important when decisions are being made about how to handle a health crisis.
  • Can provide comprehensive health care plans that will give your employees peace of mind about going to the doctor for treatment and testing.

We are also here to support your business when you decide to work remotely:

  • Our cloud-based platform means that your employees can manage their HR needs through a computer, tablet or phone, making it easier for them to work from home.
  • Our cloud based HRIS platform means that your HR team can manage HR remotely if they are sick or everyone is working remotely.

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