How to Handle Applications, Interview and Hire Remote Workers

In March we published a post about the advantages of hiring remote employees including lower office costs, higher productivity and...

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In March we published a post about the advantages of hiring remote employees including lower office costs, higher productivity and happier employees. Technology has allowed companies to offer remote work like never before. If you’re ready to hire one or more remote workers, you may be wondering the best ways to interview and hire them.

How to handle applications, interview and hire remote workers

Keep in mind that when placing a job posting for a remote position, you are likely to get a huge number of applications because applicants are not limited to a geographic area.

Applications: Use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Create an application form with a range of yes or no and open-ended questions. The yes or no anwers can be filtered through an ATS to weed out candidates who do not meet the basic job requirements. The open-ended questions allow applicants to show you how they stand out compared to other candidates. Some good open-ended questions include asking candidates to resolve a fictional workplace issue, why they want the job or going into detail about their job experience.

First round interview: use video

Technology allows us to have face-to-face interviews through video chat software. Using video is the best way to interview remote employees because you can read non-verbal cues and get a sense for their enthusiasm for the job during the conversation. Look for candidates who seem trustworthy and passionate about your business and what they can bring to the table.

Second round interview: have team members participate in final interviews

Once top candidates have been chosen, schedule a second phone or video interview with some or all of the applicants’ future team members. A conference call or several individual calls can work. You want current team members to feel confident that the newest team member has the necessary skills to be a productive team member before hiring.

Hiring: prepare the offer

Prepare the offer by ensuring that you are complying with the prospect’s local employment laws. Offer the same compensation for each position no matter where the person lives to avoid income inequality among your staff.

While it may take some extra work to hire remote employees, it can be well worth it if you are gaining workers with specific skills that you cannot find locally. Building a diverse team can also bring in fresh perspectives that can help a business thrive.

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