How to Communicate Company Culture when Advertising for Jobs

Company culture is what gives each company a unique personality. The culture creates the environment in which your employees will work...

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Company culture is what gives each company a unique personality. The culture creates the environment in which your employees will work and it helps to define the company mission, values, ethics, and goals.

Employees care about company culture because it affects their work-environment and whether their needs and values match with the business’. Millennials, in particular, look for a business that upholds their values and a company that will give them the opportunity for personal growth. According to, 80 percent of millennials say an emphasis on personal growth is the most important quality of a company’s culture.

Companies have the opportunity to communicate their company culture in many ways including their website, advertising campaign, social media posts, and community outreach. Another way to communicate the company culture while working to attract employees who are a great fit for the business is to effectively communicate the culture when advertising for job openings.

How to use job ads to communicate company culture

A job description’s main goal is to communicate the title, location, job objectives, duties, work hours/travel requirements, skills/experience, compensation/benefits and company description, but the job posting can also be used to communicate the company culture. Including details about the company culture is the best way to get the most qualified candidates as well as those who will be a great fit with the company culture. Some great candidates may even choose to apply for the job because they see your company as the type of place they would love to work after reading information that conveys the culture.

The easiest way to communicate the company culture in a job ad is to include it within the main elements of the posting.

In job objectives: The hr manager has an opportunity to use this section to discuss how the person who fills this job will be helping the company reach its overall goals and fulfill its mission by accomplishing the job objectives.

In duties: The job’s daily duties can be expanded to include a description of what a typical workday would look and feel like. Specific information about the types of projects and team members they would be working with are useful here as well as the types of techniques the company prefers used to get the job done.

In required experience: In addition to the experience required, this section can be used to outline the candidate qualities that your company values and the experience they will gain in the position.

In benefits: Sharing that employees will receive health insurance; 401K matching and other basic benefits is great but you can best communicate company culture by listing special benefits unique to your workplace. Examples include paid family leave, flexible work schedules, option to work from home, college tuition reimbursement and a commitment to promote from within.

In company description: Job seekers need a brief description of your company to really understand the role they’re applying for but this section is also a perfect place to explain your company culture. Go ahead and lay out your mission statement, cultural philosophy, goals and values here so applicants have a clear idea of the type of company they’d be working for.

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