How to Attract Employees in 2023

The pandemic changed the way workers see their relationship with work. If you’re looking to attract top talent this year, it’s important to use strategies that meet workers where they are at.

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The pandemic had an enormous impact on the job market that we are still feeling as we head into 2023. First, thousands were laid off in the hospitality industry, pushing Hawaii’s unemployment rate from the lowest in the country at 2% in 2019 to the highest in the country at 9.8% in 2020. Today, the unemployment rate has dropped back down to 3.2%. During the height of unemployment, workers got a sense for what they had been missing by working long hours and began questioning work/life priorities. As companies started hiring again in 2021, this collective attitude shift toward the workplace affected employers’ ability to attract good workers. This attitude led to the so-called Great Resignation that began in early 2021 and continues to this day. So, if you’re looking to attract top talent this year, it’s important to use strategies that meet workers where they are at. Let’s talk about how to attract employees in 2023.

How to Attract Employees in 2023

1. Offer flexibility and autonomy

Workers are demanding more flexibility and autonomy than they have in the past and they will choose companies that offer it over companies that don’t. Nobody likes to be micromanaged; workers want to be given the autonomy and flexibility to get their work done in a way that works for them. Whether that means the flexibility to shift hours so they can pick up their kids from school, working from home one or more days a week, or simply allowing them to get their work completed through a process that works for them.

2. Let candidates know there is room to learn and grow in the position and at your company

In 2022, it became very clear that workers were choosing companies that were offering room to learn and grow at the company. There are a few ways that companies can show candidates that there is room to grow:

  • Adopting a promote from within policy
  • Creating an internal mentorship program
  • Offering in-house training or reskilling classes
  • Helping with the cost of tuition and certification courses

3. Expand your search

If you’ve had success in the past on a certain job board but you’re now struggling to attract qualified candidates, this is a good time to expand your search. Creating job postings on popular sites like LinkedIn and Zip Recruiter, implementing employee referral programs, and participating in job fairs are all great ways to find the workers you need.

4. Implement a robust employee referral program

Employee referrals are a powerful tool for recruiting because they come from a trusted source. Your employees know the company culture and what it takes to succeed in your workplace so they are likely to refer a friend or colleague who will be a good fit for the company and the position. Providing a referral bonus at the time of hire and/or at the employee’s six-month anniversary is a great incentive.

5. Prioritize diversity

Today’s workers demand diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Your organization should ideally have a diverse range of ages, cultures, and backgrounds at different levels within the organizational chart – both because it’s appealing to workers and because people with different experiences and backgrounds bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the table.

6. Consider softening your education requirements

In recent years, it became common for HR software to weed out resumes without certain educational achievements such as bachelor’s degrees. Experts agree that this requirement is limiting to finding the best workers for certain open positions and 2023 is the year where employers start to let this go.

7. Build a strong employer brand

If you want to attract the best workers, you need to build a strong employer brand that shows potential applicants that your business is a desirable place to work. How does your business stand out from your competitors as the best place to work in your industry? Figure it out and make sure it’s built into your employer brand.

Partnering with Makai HR

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