How Does Entrepreneurship Benefit Society?

All around the world, and maybe especially in the U.S., entrepreneurship is valued and admired. Everyone loves a rags to riches story...

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All around the world, and maybe especially in the U.S., entrepreneurship is valued and admired. Everyone loves a rags to riches story about an entrepreneur who came up with a great idea and turned it into an empire. At its core, an entrepreneur starts with an idea, raises capital and then launches their startup, adding employees as the business grows.

How does entrepreneurship benefit society?

Entrepreneurship benefits society because:

It creates jobs

Let’s be honest, some people are natural born entrepreneurs, while most would rather work for someone else. Entrepreneurs are important because they create jobs for themselves and others, which reduces unemployment and provides a living to families.

It provides solutions and makes progress

When an entrepreneur comes up with an innovative idea, product or service, they share it with the world. Everyone benefits from the progress and new markets are developed.

It supports social change

Because of their innovation, entrepreneurs support social change by allowing a society to break away from outdated systems and technologies.

It supports charities

Many successful entrepreneurs donate to local charities and community projects or start foundations that contribute to social causes such as food banks.

It increases competition

When other entrepreneurs see the success of a new product, they are more likely to want to come up with their own version to get in on the action. Inevitably, the best version of a product will emerge at a price the market wants to pay and that benefits consumers.

It grows the national income

When entrepreneurs create a new market, they are literally growing the national income because of the taxes they pay.

When entrepreneurship is used to bring a great product or service to market and some of the profits are then put back into the community, it’s hard to argue that entrepreneurship isn’t a force for good.

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, there are many things to consider; from whether you have a viable business idea and the ability to raise capital to whether you have the drive and the fearlessness to start a new venture. In addition, entrepreneurs should make sure that they will have access to the needed skilled labor and any required raw materials at affordable prices.

Partnering with Makai HR

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