52 Remote Working Statistics

November 11, 2019

Every day, a large percentage of the world's population is embracing changes brought by the new digital era. These changes did a great deal in making our everyday jobs easier and more convenient while getting us more connected and productive.

This remote work model is great for everyone, no matter if you're an employee or an employer. In case you work for someone, you are not tied to an office or obliged to spend additional hours in traffic; you can work from home. And if you're an employer, you'll be able to create an efficient, stress-free, cost-cutting work environment.

Among many other interesting facts about remote work, one is especially attention-grabbing - 99% of America's workforce would prefer to work remotely, whether part or full-time. This doesn't come as a surprise at all, as office spaces might be very stressful and distracting, leading to lower productivity, work-induced depression, and health issues. Remote comes as a rescue.

Larger industries, such as IT, transportation, media and design, legislation, and finances, are putting in massive efforts to fully embrace the remote work model, with others being pretty much interested in creating more remote work job positions as well.

Surveys state that up to 82% of all remote workers reported much less stress, work anxiety, overall happiness, more time to spend with their loved ones, a better sleeping schedule, and enough time to partake in physical activities.

The infographic below provides you with enough information to start thinking about your career pathway with remote working. If your career already took flight through this business model, then the infographic will reassure you that you made the right choice. In any case, read along and find out some impressive and great stats about the remote working model.

By Raj Vardhman. Click here to view original posting.