What are the Advantages of Cloud Based HR Systems?

Cloud-based HR systems offer several advantages over on-premises HR systems that can help improve HR processes and achieve better business outcomes.

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A cloud based HR system is a software application that provides a range of HR-related functions. The app is hosted on a third-party server and users can access it through a web browser or mobile app. The system can manage a wide range of HR-related tasks for small business owners and their employees, including recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, time and attendance tracking, payroll, benefits administration, and employee self-service.

Cloud based HR systems also allow organizations to access their HR data and processes from anywhere and at any time, making it an ideal solution for remote teams, distributed workforces, and companies with multiple locations. It also provides real-time analytics and reporting, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their HR processes. With cloud-based HR systems, organizations can avoid the costs and complexities associated with managing and maintaining on-premises HR systems, and can instead focus on core business operations.

At Makai HR, we offer a truly paperless HR experience, built specifically with your business in mind. Powered by best-in-class HR Technology, we offer:

  • Employee and manager self-service platform
  • Online, paperless onboarding
  • Direct deposit set-up
  • Time and attendance tracking with integration to payroll
  • PTO tracking requests
  • Local HR software support
  • Online training
  • Applicant tracking
  • Background screening
  • HR reports (census, payroll, deductions, benefits, etc.)
  • Cloud-based security and access

What are the Advantages of Cloud Based HR Systems?

Cloud-based HR systems offer several advantages over traditional on-premises HR systems that can help organizations improve their HR processes and ultimately achieve better business outcomes. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Scalability

Cloud-based HR systems are highly scalable, which means they can easily accommodate an organization’s growth without the need for significant infrastructure changes or upgrades. This allows organizations to easily adjust the system’s capacity as the business grows and hires new employees.

  1. Accessibility

Cloud-based HR systems can be accessed from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. This allows employees and managers to access the system from different locations, which can be especially beneficial for remote workers.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Cloud-based HR systems can be more cost-effective than on-premises systems, as they typically require less hardware and maintenance. Additionally, organizations can pay for only the features and functions they need, which can help reduce overall costs.

  1. Integration

Cloud-based HR systems can integrate with other cloud-based systems, such as accounting or payroll software, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

  1. Security

Cloud-based HR systems are typically more secure than on-premises systems, as cloud providers often have more resources to invest in security measures and are better equipped to handle potential security threats.

  1. Flexibility

Cloud-based HR systems are highly flexible and can be easily customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. This allows organizations to tailor the system to their unique requirements, rather than being limited by pre-set configurations.

Partnering with Makai HR

We are proud to be named to Hawaii Business Magazine’s 2023 Best Places to Work and Pacific Business News’ 2023 Hawaii’s Best Workplaces list. If you’re looking for comprehensive HR solutions for your business, we’ve got you covered through HR outsourcing.

When you partner with Makai HR you can get on with the business you are trying to grow while we take care of your employee needs from payroll to taxes, health insurance/benefits and worker’s compensation. You also gain peace of mind that you are compliant with all of Hawaii’s employer laws (if you’ve ever looked you know that the list is very long and changes happen). When choosing a PEO to partner with, there are many things to consider including cost, services, and technology solutions. 

With the cost of doing business in Hawaii at record highs, we know how important it is to keep labor costs in line with revenue. Our plans are priced competitively and include value-added services like time-in/time-out systems. Our customized PEO solutions are tailored to the size of your business and specific needs. We offer a 100% paperless solution which means that your employees can manage their needs through a computer, tablet, or phone. We can truly improve your employees’ work benefits while freeing you up to operate your business.

What are you waiting for? Companies that partner with a PEO benefit from 7-9% faster growth, 10-14% lower employee turnover; and they are 50% less likely to go out of business. Contact us today to get started!

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